A New Perspective

I know this blog is about my journey from being a certified couch potato to becoming a runner but today I’d like to take a moment to write about life in general.  This has been an eventful few weeks for me and I’d like to share them with you.

Just about three weeks ago, I turned 40.  That was on a Saturday.  Everything seemed great that weekend.  My husband planned a party for me with some family and friends and everyone had a great time.  I got to visit with some friends that I rarely get to spend time with these days and it was really special to me.  The following Wednesday, I had a crown seated.  I’d had the temporary in place for only a week with no problems whatsoever.  The permanent one was a little different story.  I had a terrible toothache and headache that evening once the Novocaine wore off.  The next day I called the dentist office because the tooth was extremely sensitive to cold.  I was assured that it was normal and nothing was wrong.  She told me to call back next week if I was still having issues.  The dentist would be out of the office (actually out of the country) but the hygienists would be in the office to help if needed.  That was on Thursday.  On Monday evening, I went running with a group of runners from church like I normally do.  It was very hot that evening and I had not hydrated properly.  I was sick by the time I made it back to the car and had a headache that lasted for 24 hours.  On Wednesday, I was still having a toothache so I called for an appointment.  They can see me when the dentist gets back – June 7th.  On Thursday, my sister and I went for a bike ride.  I fell off my bike and into the ditch as a car was passing by.  My right leg was cut and bruised but I was ok.  The next week I went for a run on Monday and Wednesday without any problems.  My sister and I planned on going for a run on Friday afternoon but I got tied up running errands and grocery shopping so she ended up going alone.  After dropping off the groceries at home, I went to pick up my daughter from my parents’ house.  About a quarter-mile from my house, I went straight across at an intersection and a car coming the opposite direction turned left into the front end of my car.  That earned me an ambulance ride to the ER and a long evening for me and the rest of my family.  Fortunately nothing was broken and I wasn’t seriously injured (neither was the other driver).  I had planned a quiet, relaxing weekend for my family over the Memorial Day weekend.  The housework was caught up and all the grocery shopping had been done.  Instead we spent the day Saturday getting a rental car and finding a new car seat for my daughter.  I found out yesterday that my car was totaled.  The insurance rep came to the house yesterday with a check for the difference between what they paid and what was owed on the car.  That was a total blessing!

So I sit here today with bruises, healing cuts & burns from the airbag, a sprained wrist, and a toothache and I have to tell you – Life Is Good!!  You may wonder how I can say that given all that has happened.  Well first off, I can say that BECAUSE I’m here and able to say that.  When I got so dehydrated after running, it could’ve become much more serious and landed me in the hospital getting I.V. fluids.  But it didn’t.  When I fell off my bike, I could’ve fallen toward the car that was beside me instead of the ditch.  I could’ve been hurt much more seriously or even killed.  But I wasn’t.  When I had the car wreck, I could’ve been a second later and she would’ve hit me square in the driver’s side door, causing much more injury.  But she didn’t.  As far as the toothache goes (and I’m fully expecting to have to have a root canal at this point), I could live in a place where dental care is poor or non-existent.  But I don’t.  So you see, life is good!  Even though all these crazy things have happened, God has protected me through everything.  Yes, He could’ve prevented each and every one of them but He didn’t.  I believe that sometimes the only way we learn lessons is by going through trials in life.  These trials have helped me to remember that God does have His hand on my life and is protecting me.  They also remind me that life is short and delicate and should be lived to the fullest every single day.  I hope you can live your life with that in mind.  Have a great – and safe – weekend!


About No More Sidelines

I am a stay-at-home mom to an adorable little girl and the wife of my soulmate. This is the life I've always dreamed of living, even though I got a much later start than I had planned. But that's ok. God knew there were lots of things I needed to experience in life before He gave me the two greatest blessings I've ever known. My heart's desire now is to become physically fit so that I can enjoy the wonderful life I have to the absolute fullest. Life is too precious and fragile to just sit by and watch. I want to participate. No more living on the sidelines for me!
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