Three More Days

Only three more days until we line up for the Run for God 5K!  I can hardly believe it’s already been 12 weeks.  In January when we started the program, I was struggling to run non-stop for 60 seconds.  Last night our run was 3 miles.  I wasn’t able to run it non-stop because it was a tough course but I only walked for a few minutes and ran the rest of the way.  That was our last run until the race.  Tomorrow will be a 20 minute walk and then Friday is a rest day.  I watched a video of the race course for Saturday and got some butterflies.  I’m getting excited and nervous.  Like I’ve said before, my only goal is to finish the race.  I’m hoping to not have to walk any of it but if I do, that’s ok.  It looks as if the weather is going to cooperate and it will be a beautiful day.  The physical preparation is almost complete and now it’s time to get my mind ready.  I have to visualize crossing the finish line – preferably on my own two feet.

I got some extra motivation this morning when I stepped on the scales.  Because my weight-loss goal is so far away, I have set myself smaller goals along the way.  This morning I reached the first of those goals.  Exercise works!  Find an activity you enjoy and go burn some calories.  You’ll be glad you did.

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Hello Sunshine!

What a beautiful weekend we’re having!  I don’t know about you but I’ve missed the sunshine these past several days.  I plan on getting out and enjoying the weather with a little run this evening.  Yesterday morning should’ve been my weekend run but I’d been a little under the weather on Friday and didn’t want to push too much by running first thing yesterday morning.  But I did get out yesterday and did something that I haven’t done in a long time:  I went clothes shopping for myself!  Now, if you are overweight like I am, you know that shopping for clothes is not fun.  Nothing ever fits quite right and you end up buying something that you don’t really like all that much but you can’t go out in public naked.  Yesterday was a different story for me.  I actually found a dress and a pair of running shorts that fit.  I was so excited!  I’ll be trying out the shorts on my run this evening and the dress will make its debut on Thursday at my brother-in-law’s wedding.  I hope you all have a great weekend and get to spend some time outdoors in this beautiful day the Lord has given us.

I would like to take a moment to send my condolences to the family and friends of Chattanooga Police officer Sgt James Timothy Chapin, who was killed in the line of duty yesterday.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and with all our officers who put their lives on the line every single day to keep us safe.

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A Personal Best

First off, let me assure you that this is no April Fool’s joke when I tell you that I managed to run for 41 minutes last night!  Praise the Lord!  There were many, many times that I wanted to stop.  I was so far behind the other runners that I could’ve stopped on the side of the road, had myself a good cry about being so slow and so far behind and just so tired, and no one would’ve ever known.  But I didn’t.  There were a lot of things going through my mind as my body pushed through the fatigue.  First off, I was thinking about how I’m doing this for God’s glory and how He gives me the strength to continue.  I was also thinking about my husband and daughter and how I’m doing this so I’ll be around longer for them.  And then I thought of you, my readers.  I wanted to be able to tell you that I finished well.  I have to admit that I am not yet at the point in my training where I can say that I actually enjoy the running all that much.  But I do enjoy the sense of accomplishment when I successfully reach my goal.  So that’s my take-away point for today.  Even when you’re having to push yourself through something that you know will only help you become a better person, just focus on the sense of pride and accomplishment when you reach the finish line, whatever that may be.  Happy Friday!

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Diet Confession

Everyone knows that the two components to successful weight-loss are diet and exercise.  We also know that weight-loss is something that happens over time, which I feel is totally unfair.  I mean, I went to bed one night as a thin 24-year old woman with curves in all the right places and woke up the next morning with an extra 75 pounds on me.  I’m sure this same phenomenon has happened to countless others.  So if it came on overnight, why can’t I take a magic pill and make it disappear overnight?  Oh that it were that simple.  I’ve struggled with my weight for the majority of my adult life with a few successes here and there.  At one point I was actually just about 30 pounds from my goal.  The only times I’ve had any success was when I was faithful to following a healthy diet AND exercising regularly.  But for some reason, I seem to always fall off the wagon from either diet or exercise, only to have the wagon back-up and run me over again.  Take yesterday for example.  I’ve been running for 11 weeks now, missing only a couple of sessions.  So if I’ve been faithful to exercise, why did I have an inappropriate relationship with two of my BFF’s last night – Ben & Jerry?  Yes, I downed a pint of Cake Batter ice cream just because I wanted to.  So today I’m climbing back on that wagon.  Can someone give me a shove, please?

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An unexpected rest day

Today was supposed to be Workout 2 of Week 11.  But due to various reasons, I will be completing the workout tomorrow evening.  I have to say that I’m somewhat relieved.  My body is still a little sore from Monday night’s workout and my daughter decided she didn’t want to sleep last night unless Mommy was holding her.  So I’m a little bit more tired than usual.  Plus this dreary weather has put a damper on my spirits.  Where is the sunshine?!?!  Do you ever just have days when you feel all out-of-sorts?  That would be me today.  Last night while watching “The Biggest Loser” I was inspired by the transformations the contestants have made.  I especially liked seeing how fast Moses could run on the treadmill now as compared to when he first began.  That gives me hope that eventually I will get faster too.  So I’m going to enjoy the remainder of my rest day with my family and wake up with a fresh, positive attitude tomorrow morning.  Happy Wednesday!

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Walk in the Park

Last night was our 30 minute run with a distance of 3 miles.  Of course not all of us run a 10-minute mile so I knew that I would be doing quite a bit of walking at the end of the 30 minutes to get back to the car.  What I didn’t realize is that I’d be doing a lot of walking BEFORE the 30 minutes were up.  I just didn’t have it in me to run very much last night.  The weather was perfect for running, I’d eaten a light supper, had all the water I needed during the day, and even had a banana just to help ward off muscle cramps.  Basically I had done everything I needed to do to physically prepare for the run.  The only thing I can think of is that whatever little bit of energy reserves I had were depleted by my little sweetheart who’s getting a 9-month jump on her Terrible Two’s.  She’s on her 8th day of a 10-day course of antibiotics and just isn’t quite herself.  Normally she plays independently very well but lately she’s been clingy to Mommy.  And that’s ok.  I love when she runs over to hug me and give me a kiss just because she wants to.  Maybe she’ll take it easy on me today and let me have a recovery day before tomorrow’s run.  I doubt that will happen but a girl can dream, right?

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Week 11

This evening will begin Week 11 with a 30-minute run.  We’ve had thunderstorms over the weekend and today is still pretty cool with occasional rain showers.  I missed my run over the weekend due to the storms so tonight will be my first run since Thursday.  Yikes!  I hate having to miss the group runs because I know it will just be that much harder when I finally do get to run again.  But I have to block out the negative thoughts and just keep focused on the goal.  Last night I wore a pair of jeans that I haven’t been able to fit into since I bought them several months ago.  I bought them without trying them on (mistake!) and wore them one time.  They nearly cut off the blood supply to the lower half of my body so I packed them away in hopes that one day I’d be able to wear them.  And last night I finally wore them!  There hasn’t been much change on the scales since I started running 11 weeks ago but my clothes do fit differently.  Even my sweet husband has noticed.  And that just inspires me to keep on trying!

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Trying to Run

Eleven weeks ago tomorrow I began a training program.  It is a 12-week program designed to teach people two things:  how the Christian life is a parallel to running and how to run a 5K race.  There are many references in the bible to the Christian walk being much like a race.  At times we lose focus in the midst of all the hurdles of life and just want to quit.  But we can’t.  We keep pressing on to the finish line.  These hurdles can be anything that keep us from moving closer to Christ, whether it be unconfessed sin, pride, self-pity, or just plain laziness.  I have been guilty of all these and many, many more.  It’s the same way in our physical lives.  Many people that exercise do so with a specific goal in mind.  Perhaps it’s a certain number on the scale or tape measure they’re looking for or a closet full of clothes that somehow shrunk that they’d like to wear again.  Maybe it’s a class reunion or wedding coming up and you just want to look your best.  Or for me personally, I’d like to finish a 5K – alive.  I know I’m going to be one of the last, if not THE last person to cross the finish line.  And that’s ok.  I just want to finish.  I’ll admit that yes it does get discouraging to see people out there that are 20+ years my senior that are going much, much faster than I am.  While I do have health problems that contribute to my lack of physical prowess, fibromyalgia being the main one, if I’m really honest with myself I have to admit that the main contributor to my physical condition is just plain ol’ laziness.   Thanks to my wonderfully supportive husband and my adorable, very energetic 15-month old daughter, I am no longer allowed to wallow in self-pity and laziness for too long.  Sure I have my moments but they are few and far between now.  I’d love to be able to say I am now an energetic person but I haven’t yet reached that place.  Everyone keeps telling me that it will come.  They’d better be right.

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Just Getting Started

Hello World!  Thank you for joining me on my journey to become a better version of myself.  I will be 40 years old in a couple of months and have spent the past 15 or so years as an overweight adult.  I have watched the world pass me by, wishing I could participate.  If you’ve never been overweight or in a close relationship with someone who is, you may not understand much of what I’m saying.  The world can be a cruel, lonely place for people who are overweight.  If you are a healthy, fit, active person then you probably don’t think twice about walking around town enjoying the spring weather or parking in the furthest spot from the mall to go Christmas shopping.  But when you’re overweight, these simple activities take on a whole new meaning.  Life is meant to be lived, not just observed.  I’m hoping that this blog will not only inspire others to take control of their health but will also keep me motivated to finish the task set before me.  God gave me this body and it is His temple.  He deserves the very best I have to offer.

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